“voice of the story”

flyer 1vox fabulae is a performance group specializing in contemporary music and theater and is based in Basel, Switzerland.

All of the stories are created by vox fabulae with original music, text, and staging. The performers blend art forms to take their audience deep into the stories they present. The storyteller brings the tale to life; the sounds of flute and piano weave around the words and tell the story in their own way

The tales can be surreal, peaceful, disturbing, full of humor and full of fear. The musicians coax unusual sounds out of their instruments, strumming on the strings of the piano or whistling into the flute. Performances take place in theaters, churches, concert halls, and cellars. Curious? Have a look.

All of the group’s performances are listed under Performances and you can connect with the ensemble through the blog or newsletter. Click through to the pages below to learn more about the artists that make up vox fabulae:

Elia Navarro, composer and sound artist

Rebekkah Laeuchli, writer and pianist

Madeline Del Real, actor

Micaela Grau Durán, flutist