micaela grau*1983. The Argentinian flutist Micaela Grau Durán studied at the Conservatory J. J. Castro (Buenos Aires) with Antonio Bozzo, Raúl del Castillo and Raúl Becerra. She completed her Bachelor’s and teaching degrees in 2004. She has been living in Basel since 2006 where she completed a Concert Diploma with Kiyoshi Kasai and studied in the Master’s program for contemporary music with Jürg Henneberger, Marcus Weiss, Mike Svoboda and Felix Renggli. She has attended masterclasses with such well-known musicians as Felix Renggli, Robert Dick, Sergio Azzolini, Gérard Wyss, Martín Auza and Lars Nilsson.

Micaela performed as soloist in the orchestra of the J.J. Castro Conservatory El Faro and was first flutist of the youth orchestra Libertador San Martín in Buenos Aires. She was a finalist in the National Music Competition Riddes (Switzerland).

Her primary interest is in contemporary music and she is a founding member of Ensemble Lemniscate and participates in many new music projects with regular performances. She works often with composer Pedro Guiruad and has collaborated with him on many projects and premieres of his works in the Goetheanum in Dornach and in Argentina. Micaela teaches at the TYTH- Musikschule in Lörrach-Stetten, the Rudolf-Steiner Schule in Lörrach, and the Musikschule Basel.