She, I – story excerpt

Performing our first full-length program was a special experience for us. vox fabulae was founded one year ago and we had no idea then if our vision of performance would ever be realized or developed. Now we are looking at a new creative phase this summer when we will be developing new material together. Till then, below is a short excerpt from the story we created this past year.

“There are all sorts of myths in the world, myths and fairy tales and stories of the earth and heavens. My grandmother told me some when I was little and we lived close to her. She’s dead now, she was sick, and my mother prayed for her to be healed but she wasn’t. She told me stories and sometimes I read stories but I wasn’t a big reader. Then much later in school we studied these really strange stories from the ancient Greeks. In one of the stories there is a guy who makes statues and he makes one of a beautiful wonderful woman and he prays to the gods to bring her to life. My mother’s prayers for my grandmother didn’t work but his do and the statue becomes a real woman. He falls in love with her because she is exactly what he wants. He sculpted her breasts so they are just the size he likes. She’s the right height to make him feel tall but still not to have to stoop too far when he kisses her. “

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