Last week’s weather made it seem summer was drawing to a close. Fortunately the sun is back out and Baslers can get back to working on their tans by the Rhine. But that hint of autumn in the air made us think of our next concert, coming up in November.

If you find yourself on 19 November with a little free time over your lunch break, then come hear our autumn performance of The Spring! vox f will be over at the Swiss Foundation for the Vocal Arts at 12:30 for a half hour’s performance: a refreshing dose of culture in the middle of the day. The concert is free and takes place in the foundation’s office at Bernoullistrasse 4, 4056 Basel. If you would like a friendly reminder then you can always subscribe to our newsletter.

The Swiss Foundation for the Vocal Arts supports many young musicians, not just vocalists. The regular lunchtime concerts are in addition to the evening concerts that take place a few times a year. The program through December 2015 is available on the foundation’s website. Here are a few highlights from previous performances:

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